Thursday, November 02, 2006

An unfortunate monopoly on punctures.

I haven't had a flat tyre since the Great Puncture Epidemic of 2004. Yesterday I suffered two. It's probably something to do with the new skinny high-pressure tyres.

The first was on the way to work and easily fixed. I carry two spare tubes. The second happened on the way home. It was then I discovered I my second spare tube had a hole in it. And my old patch kit glue had evaporated. Bugger.

Dozens of other riders went past without offering any help - including a chap in full audax reglalia. (I'll be catching up with him soon I hope.)

With little choice, I cast off my shoes and started pushing the bike the 10km back to my car. After about 2km, I came across a service station which happily sold bicycle puncture kits. I must be out of practise because I wasn't having any luck fixing the flats. Then my aging pump pulled the valve stems out of the two repaired tubes. I gave up as darkness loomed and rang for a cab back to my car. I didn't get home until 9pm and now have some pretty nice blisters on the soles of my soft little feet from walking on the tarmac. Yesterday was not one of my happier days.

I was at the bike shop first thing this morning to buy five new tubes, a brand new patch kit and a new pump. I'd really rather not have another day like yesterday.


Treadly and Me said...

What a let-down! (Sorry, couldn't resist…)

I'm amazed at how few people offer assistance to other riders. If I'd been going your way, you'd have got an offer of help—and I don't think my rubber cement has evaporated. But now that I come to think of it, I'd better go and check…

David Killick said...

Yohoho! I suppose I could have asked for help. The funny thing is that I berated someone in aus.bicycle over the same thing a few months ago. "Stand up and ask for help," said I. This was obiously somebody's idea of a joke.