Monday, November 20, 2006

From one addict to another

Riding to work this morning past the Bureau of Meteorology building in Collins Street, I was lucky enough to ride through a cloud of smoke from the coven of addicts who huddle outside their front door, rain, hail or shine. Mmmm, cigarettes.

As an ex-smoker the only thing I miss more than smoking is the the lectures from people who can't mind their own business on how bad the habit is for one's health, but I can see how the temptation to moralise is hard to resist.

Five years after kicking the habit and taking up regular exercise I feel a thousand times better. Despite the occasional lapse, regular cycling is pretty much incompatible with regular smoking and I'm healthier and richer as a result. As much as I miss smoking, I've found something even more addictive.

5,926km so far this year.


Anonymous said...

LOL Great photo where did you find it?

David Killick said...

I saw it on a website a while ago and it made me laugh - Tour riders were abusing dangerous drugs even then. I typed "tour de france and smoking" into Google image search. That poster is going up on my lougeroom wall, when I get a loungeroom big enough!