Thursday, November 09, 2006

Look, up in the sky!

The ingenuity of mankind has no bounds - particularly when it comes to the bicycle. There's no end of permutations, accessories and adaptations for the humble two wheeler. Some are more obvious than others. While I had a distant memory of the old Glossamer Albatross, which crossed the English Channel in the late 1970s - like many people - I hadn't given much thought to flying bikes.

A visit to Treehugger tipped me off to the wonderful White Dwarf pedal powered blimp. A lovely concept. From there, it wasn't a big jump to the ParaCycle - surely one of the most delightful aircraft ever to fly. Simply ride it to the airstrip, deploy the airfoil and fly off. No licence required. These two join the countless bikes, velocars and recumbent trikes on my 'Must Have If I Ever Get Rich' list.

5,750km so far this year.

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Treadly and Me said...

Woohoo. Let me know when you get your ParaCycle—I'll be around the next weekend!