Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Goals, the exceeding thereof

Another mighty milestone tumbles - the 6,000km mark for the year was surpassed last night in stunning style somewhere along Footscray Road. With my obsession with milestones and statistics I'd make a good cricket fan!

There looms a challenge so great, no sane person would consider it all at once: the Jump the Gun 600km at Maryborough this weekend. It's my second Paris-Brest-Paris qualifying attempt. That's right folks: ride your bicycle 600km in 40 hours in a bid to qualify for a the chance to ride 1,200km in 90 hours on the wrong side of the road in a distant foreign land. How I was delivered into the grip of this madness I shall never know, but here goes nothing anyway. Ten per cent of my annual mileage in two days: good job I've got Monday off work!

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