Monday, January 22, 2007

Kamikaze pedestrians

Haven't been blogging much because I've been on the bike riding the big miles in my quest to average 200km a week. It's going ok so far - although I'm astonished at the distances being logged by some of the people at bikejournal. You wonder how they get anything else done. The benefit has been a huge and surprising increase in fitness, as well as enjoyment. The Alpine Classic's on this weekend, so hopefully some of that strength will be be in evidence as I grind up the big hills.

It hasn't all been dandy though. The welcome rain of the last ten days has left the streets and paths of Melbourne awash with debris. I've had three punctures in a week - one classic puncture through the tread and two from hitting stones on the path while watching where I was going instead of what was on the track. On top of a puncture this morning, I also had the pleasure of skidding into a pedestrian who stepped into my path.

Most people are very good and leave room for cyclists, this pair were right across the track and didn't heed my repeated calls of "bike!". As I tried to go around them on the left, one woman looked back, saw me and stepped right in front of me. Neither of us was hurt by the ensuing collision, my brake lever ripped her rain jacket. A matter of time I suppose.


Chris L said...

Some of us over at bikejournal just try to limit the number of things that fit into the "doing anything else" category. A lot of things in contemporary society (such as most of what passes for "entertainment" on television) really are over rated. Avoiding these things leaves more time for riding. ;)

David Killick said...

Too true. Now that I very seldom watch TV, I seem to have so much more time for the important things.