Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another benchmark yay!

As may be slightly obvious from some of my posts, I like to keep track of my rides as a means of motivating myself to keep improving my mileages each year. In 2005 I managed 2,126km, in 2006 I rode 6,441km and in 2007 I'm aiming to crack 10,000km.

Someone on one of the e-mail lists I subscribe to pointed bikejournal.com out today. Not only is it a good way to keep track of the miles, it's also a way of comparing your progress to others. I signed up this afternoon and entered my few rides for this year so far to find out I'm 380th so far this year in terms of distance out of 2,336 riders registered with the site worldwide. It also lets me compare my progress with other Audax members. Talk about your motivational tools! Even so, I suspect my stats won't be quite so good once everyone else returns from their holidays and gets back on their bike.

222km so far this year.

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