Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

And what a year 2006 has been cycling-wise at least! My stats:
  • 6,441km ridden - three times last year's total;
  • 136 rides, an average of one ride every 2.6 days;
  • 300 hours in the saddle: exactly 12 days and 12 hours;
  • An average speed of 22.14km/h - up 0.99km/h on last year - not too bad considering most of my riding is on cycle paths.
  • A best month of 798km, a top speed of 74.2km/h and a longest ride of 309.8km.
  • 18 audax rides for a total of 2550km.
  • My goal of riding 100km a week exceeded by 23%!
Overall I'm very, very happy with my effort. I went out yesterday and rode 65km to knock off the 300 hours and to triple last year's total double. I was too lazy today to go out and do the 59km needed to reach the round figure of 6,500km.

So now I have make my new year's resolutions. Hmmm. I think 200km a week/ 10,000km for the year is worth going for. The clock resets to zero at midnight!

6,441km so far this year!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So close! Shame you missed the 6,500 but that's understandable considering the tram tracks.

Best of luck getting there this year.