Thursday, June 08, 2006

I have a lovely Brooks saddle sitting on my desk. It's quite distracting with its shiny black leather, copper rails, oversized rivets and "B17 Champion Special" stamped on both sides. I bought it this morning to go on my audax bike - the new saddles just aren't comfortable enough for me for long distance rides and I've been juggling one saddle between two bikes for a month now. Considering the money I've saved lately by riding to work, a new $100 saddle seems a reasonable treat.

They're heavier than the newfangled plastic and alloy models but there's something about these relics of a bygone age I find compelling. They're organic, they breathe and stretch and mould to fit. They also look beautiful, as comfortable as an old pair of shoes and I recommend them highly. I'll put this one on the bike tonight.

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