Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Halfway around.

I'm rather chuffed: this afternoon I passed the 20,000km mark since I started cycling seriously again in January 2005. My goal then was to ride an average of 100km a week, which I have, covering a distance equal to halfway around the earth. In total I've ridden for 951 hours - the equivalent of 40 days non-stop - at an average speed of around 21 kilometres an hour. I've ridden 479 times, covering an average distance of 41km. My top speed has been 82km/h and my longest single ride remains 387km. And although I don't seem to have lost any weight, I've made some freinds, look thinner, feel beter and have had a lot of fun. Hopefully the next 20,000km will be as much fun.

5,436km so far this year.


Andy Moore said...

And you reckon that only 2243 drivers have tried to kill you?
Well done (but you don't say how many rides you have missed compiling the statistics!

Pedalman said...

Congratulations on a fantastic milestone!
The next 20K will be even better.

Snakebite said...

Don't worry about what your weight is. If you replace fat with muscle on a one to one ratio, you'll look leaner. Fat is about 3 to 4 time less dense than muscle. So, even though the scale might not register a change, you're getting fitter. Good for you!

David Killick said...

Andy, it took me a couple of days to work out, but at five minutes per entry per ride, I've spent 41 hours editing my stats. It means I've missed out on riding about 23km.

Snakebite, thanks, I suspected as much. I have a photo of me when I started out. I looked like a water balloon.