Tuesday, November 18, 2008

People who have tried to kill me #2243

The photo on the left shows the Metro bus which came within 20cm of knocking me off my bike on the way home tonight when he tried to slip between me and a right-turning car on a narrow bend. Bus versus bike, gee I wonder who would have won that one?

It's a little ironic he's got a sign on the back saying "Please give way, it's the law." I think there's a law about unsafe overtaking too. Maybe I should get a sign saying: "Please don't carelessly run me over, you fucker - it's the law".

5,111km so far this year.

Postscript: After complaining via e-mail I had a very nice phone call from a Metro representitive who said the driver remembered the incident and had asked to pass on his apologies.


Anonymous said...

Despite the lengthy timespan, I'd still like to track down a particular MTT driver who monstered me on Ashbolt Crescent circa 1978. It took until 1996 to get back on the bike.

Frontbottom. Where ever you are now.

Anonymous said...

Dave, you were lucky to get an apology.

I would have reported the incident to the police. Several years ago a similar incident on the Great Ocean Road. Driver eventually lost his licence.

David Killick said...

Good advice Hans. I might do that from now on. It didn't happen for months, but recently there's been a real spate of bad drivers on my ride home.