Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Yet more sensible advice.

I'm pretty much learning everything I need to lean about cycling these days from the New York Times. It's going to put a lot of bloggers out of business if this keeps up. I did mention a while two specific stories a couple of posts ago, but the regular blog The Climb rates as one of the most hilarious things I've read for a long time. It's full of good advice, like this from the comments section:

Be sure to reattach your brakes after any repair or maintenance. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s found him(her)self hurtling down a hill looking for an escape route after this mistake.
— Posted by Robert Bott

Natural selection at work folks.

2,987km so far this year.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, dude.

Remember, it was addressed to a guy who at that point hadn't fixed a flat on his fancy Cervelo. I've done some fairly big (2,000+ km) self-supported tours and cycle year-round in Calgary, but I still occasionally do dumb things like this.
Bob Bott

David Killick said...

Hey Bob,

Thanks for the note. I always keep in mind nobody's immune to the dumb mistake - particularly someone's who has blogged about feeding his own foot into the back wheel of his bike,


Ride on,


Anonymous said...

I haven't done the foot-in-wheel thing yet, but I'm only 63 and hopefully will be at this for a while longer.

I got a chuckle from your "ice bike" post. You ought to try riding in a blizzard at minus-25 C -- studded tires on an old hybrid.

I just stuck some pictures in an album at

Grant said...

I get my new full carbon Specialized Roubaix tomorrow -- the most expensive thing I have ever purchased for myself (apart from my education but it will contribute to it!)