Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bicycles of Beijing

I'm in Beijing for the next five weeks for work. After arriving late last night, a few of the people in my group were able to do a nice stroll through part of town today for a look around. While there are a lot of cars, there are also bikes of every type everywhere. Cargo bikes are particularly popular and there was lots of electric assisted bikes which glide along silently and at a fair clip along the generous cycleways.

Beijing is very flat, so I'm looking forward to buying myself a bike in the next day or so to get around and see the sights in the next few days before it gets too busy.


Unknown said...

Have a great five weeks Dave.
How's the pollution?
Are you reporting or are you cracking the whip?

Grant said...

I'm jealous:). The chance to ride around Beijing will be fascinating. Have fun and post lots of photos.

David Killick said...

Thanks Ben. The pollution isn't as bad as it's made out to be. I'm working as a sub-editor for the Olympic News Service - which is sort of like a games time intranet for the media.

Thanks Grant. It's an amazing place. Many more photos to come.

Urban Commuter said...

Love the functional sweeper's bike, although I'm not sure it will win any gold medals!