Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Top man backs bikes.

Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett has encouraged all Tasmanians to ride a bike. It's not a bad idea. Mr Bartlett - a keen mountain biker - has just bought himself a shiny new road bike, and was snapped sneaking out for a ride on his first day as premier last week. His carbon-fibre Trek is so new the reflectors are still on it. Mr Bartlett spruiked the benefits of cycling at his first press conference:

QUESTION: What sort of things should we be doing in Tasmania then to get people a bit healthier?

BARTLETT: Ah well, I was out riding my bike at lunch yesterday, and I encourage everybody else to do the same.
Hard to imagine our old Premier Paul Lennon advocating any exercise more strenuous than an afternoon at the races.
Anyway, Bicycle Victoria has Mr Bartlett in their sights. This e-mail went round to their Tasmanian members:

``As you know you have a new Premier and he is a bike rider! This is a great opportunity for bike riding in Tasmania. Unlike other States, the Tasmanian Government does not consistently invest in bicycle infrastructure such as bike lanes and bike paths so far. We think Bartlett's Premiership could change this policy.

``Please send him a short positive note of congratulations and let him know about the sort of bike riding you do and what would help you. Encourage him to commit State funds. Please keep it positive. You can see our letter on the web page where we have posted the link to his email.

"Please also send a couple of lines to the Council supporting the Plan. The link for that is on the page.''

It will be interesting to see whether having a keen cyclist in the top job makes any difference to the level of investment in cycling facilities.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Barlett was a year ahead of moi at school, although I still regard myself as smarter & easier on the eye. Interesting to see BV doing more hegemonic tricks.

David Killick said...

Smarter AND easier on the eye? Maybe you should be premier.

Anonymous said...

No. I left. A longtime ago. Not returning either.

Treadly and Me said...

"Hard to imagine our old Premier Paul Lennon advocating any exercise more strenuous than an afternoon at the races." = Exactly my thoughts when I started reading this entry!

Hmm, cfs hails from the Apple Isle--explains much! ;-)

Anonymous said...


The Great White Hype said...

His bike looks too small for him...