Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Riding the ice bike.

Cold morning this morning in Hobart. I probably shouldn't have left the bike outside. There was a heavy frost in the clear conditions overnight, the whole hilltop where we live was cloaked in white and the bike was covered too. Pretty, but not much good.

Some people might take it as a sign, but the ice thawed and I had was a nice ride in. It was a bit crisp, but the sun was shining and I soon warmed up. The numbers of commuters have dropped right off as mid-winter approaches, it's just the diehards now. It's easy to overestimate how cold it gets on a Hobart winter's day. With the right clothes, it's a nice ride in even when it's two or three degrees like this morning.

I did a BikeTas ride on the weekend, a lovely 60km circuit from Cygnet around the Channel. A good turnout too, around a dozen riders. We tackled the monstrous hill up to Woodbridge Saddle and revelled in the water views and touching 70km/h on the way down the other side. After a coffee break near Woodbridge where some of the stragglers caught up, four of us formed a little peleton of chatty tourists for a gentle 40km back to Cygnet. What a great ride and lovely to meet a few more people who so obviously love their riding. Thanks to Tim for the organising.

2,756km so far this year.


Anonymous said...

I'm catching up on old posts, where I found this classic line: "He'd clearly misjudged me: I'm fatter than most fast blokes, but faster than most fat blokes."


Mike / Raleigh

Treadly and Me said...

I presume the saddle had the same sort of frosty coating? That would've been a bit chilly on the cruets!

But you're dead right about the winter drop-off in rider numbers. I just don't get it--you can get some of the most gorgeous riding conditions on those clear crisp mornings.

Anonymous said...

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