Monday, July 09, 2007

Riding the web.

It's still quite cold outside and I've just started a new job, so the only riding I'm doing is 2km each way from the car to the office morning and night on the single speed. It's great fun zooming down the long downhill that is Macquarie Street in Hobart in my suit, darting in and out of the peak hour traffic enjoying the odd looks I get. Less fun is the uphill ride back to the car with the 42X18. Mrs Surly and I managed to sneak in a ride to Huonville today so I've racked up a mighty 50km for the week. This week will be better!

Cold weather means more time surfing the web than riding. Someone recommended Dave Moulton's site, which has turned out to be both entertaining and informative. His ten commandments for road riding are solid gold. Number nine made me laugh:

  • The meek shall inherit the earth. Blingy equipment that is lighter than an anorexic butterfly, will not substitute for miles in your legs.

So true. I've also been jealously enjoying the blogs by bikejournal buddy Amy and Mike as they prepare for the Paris Brest Paris. Next time I will be there, I promise.

In other news, husky65 has has passed me on after threatening for a while. Well done. And, somewhat surprisingly this, is my 100th post. I hope writing for a living isn't going to reduce my zeal. Not so sure I like the look of bikeradar, who've taken over bikley though.

Photo top left shows me aged about 19 with some mates who used to race together in a team we called 'The Bumblebees'. I'm on the bike, front right.

3,343km so far this year.


Treadly and Me said...

Oh, I can't let that photo slide by: whose bright idea was it to go with the black-and-yellow horizontal stripes? Very...umm, "fetching".

Still, could be worse.

David Killick said...

At the time we thought it a quite fetching outfit. I even painted my bike to match at once stage. In hindsight - oh dear god. Well, it was the eighties. Some fashion crimes were committed back then. Most went unpunished.

Amy said...

Thanks Dave
It's odd to have someone living vicariously through me instead of visa versa - we leave 1 month to the day from now - Oh My. Time to leave work and go home the long way to get those miles in.