Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Descent from Towonga Gap!

I mentioned I'd been playing with a cheap helmet cam - well here are the results. This is part of the high-speed descent from Towonga Gap during the Alpine Classic, set to music to cover the howling wind noise. Pardon the occasional jerky head movement as I look for cars and check my bike computer. Seasickness tablets are optional. I've edited it down a bit to remove the worst of the camera movements and cut out some of the dull bits! Highlights include oncoming cars and a lone passing maneuver.

I shot a fair bit of footage during the ride, but because I hadn't mastered setting the camera up, this is the best of it. I pointed the camera a bit too far to the left and all I ended up with was a nice shot of the white line on the left side of the road.

The second video is of the last kilometre or so of the ride, with commentary. Oh god, I crack myself up.

Next up will be my commute, once I work out how to compress the whole thing down into a few minutes worth of video.


Treadly&Me said...

Nice work Surly Dave.

How fast were you going on that descent? You passed that other guy like he was standing still!

Surly Dave said...

It's amazing how fast a heavy guy on a heavy bike can go! I was really surprised at how well the bike handled - it's the first time I had a chance to put it to the test. Very sure-footed.

Anonymous said...

Neat footage. What a great idea.

Incidentally, you've been tagged. :D