Sunday, October 29, 2006

My mistress has 32 nipples. And that's just on the front.

The Harold Thompson Heritage 100km audax was held in chilly conditions in Wooodend today. I distinguished myself by riding to the start and back for a much-needed extra 10km. This was the first audax ride I ever did and is now the first one I've done twice. I didn't feel that strong, but I managed to finish with a riding time of 4 hours 9 minutes, a gratifying 39 minute improvement on last year's time. Amazing what a fitter bloke on a better bike can do.

The bike went well, no problems at all. Now all I have to do is have it ready for next week's 300km Bendigo Bounty. With a 9am Saturday start, I hope to finish by 1am Sunday. I'll be making sure my lights are up to the task. If I finish this will be my longest ride ever and will be the first of my qualifying rides towards the Paris-Brest-Paris next August. I'm not thinking too much about the 400km and 600km rides.

Bicycle sculpture image found here. I suspect this bloke is going to need a new bottom bracket.

5,332km so far this year.

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