Friday, October 27, 2006

Das bike.

Well, here it is. It doesn't have a name yet, but then I'm not one for naming my bikes. It seems solid and reliable enough, but we shall see. It certainly held its own in a high speed all-in commuter race along Footscray Road last night, even though I couldn't get the chain up into the top chainring.

It's a lot lighter than my other bike, so it's a bit easier to push up the hills and the new wheels roll rather well. Not having the dynohub will be a bit of a pain, but I'll see if I can't fix that up fairly quickly, because I'm going to need good lights in the next couple of months.


ken said...

Any other comparisons between this and the LHT?
I've got a Trucker and am just curious.

Surly Dave said...

It's a little hard to compare the two - my trucker was a 26" wheel, this is 700c. That said, the two are similarly comfortable steel tourers. There's probably more similarities than differences. The ride is similar, although I find the Cross Check slightly easier to ride hands-free. It also seems a little lighter.

The LHT has a few more braze-ons, some of which which I miss. The third set of bottle mounts are missing from the Cross Check, as are the pannier mounts on the front fork. I'll probably end up getting a set of forks made with pannier braze-ons. I think I'm going to be very happy with it, as I was with the LHT.