Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tell the NRMA they're dreaming.

Motoring group the NRMA want to offer roadside services to cyclists, much as it does for motorists. Apparently the increased reliability of modern cars is undercutting their business model. This story from the Sydney Morning Herald spells it out:

The NRMA is monitoring the progress of groups in other states with cycling services such as RACV Bike Assist, which is operating in Victoria.
"Then we can learn how to price it, how it works, what happens if we can't fix a cycle," NRMA deputy president Wendy Machin said.

Cyclists seem an odd mob for the NRMA to target. Unlike some motoring organisations, the NRMA has a bit of form as being anti-cyclist. Would this be the same NRMA that spoke out against cycling infrastructure? Was this the NRMA which shitcanned cyclists in the anti-cyclist Daily Telegraph?

Now they smell a few easy dollars. I don't think cyclists are that stupid.

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