Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crosscheck redux

The Crosscheck has done some epic rides over the years but was looking a bit the worse for wear. For the last few months the frame has hung in the shed awaiting a new mission. A fresh paintjob and it's as good as new, ready for another 30,000km. Mostly parts from the shed, downtube friction shifters, fat tyres and a hard road bike saddle that makes me miss my Brooks, but keeps the weight down. Without lights, mudguards and racks, the old girl feels like a racer.

We did a short test ride today, which will be followed up with a longer ride out into the wilds tomorrow. Will take my mind off the fact I'm skipping the the carnival of suffering that is the Alpine Classic. Good luck to all those who are riding, while you're heading up Buffalo, I'll be having a swim in the Weld River.

308km so far this year.

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