Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mr Abbott's beater bike

It's reasonably well known federal opposition leader Tony Abbott is a keen cyclist and sometime triathlete. There were some nice shots of him riding up and down Black Mountain in Canberra braving the pre-dawn chill in the middle of the week. Keen cyclists learned something about the man who would be prime minister:

1. He has a winter beater bike in Canberra. It looks to be a steel-framed Merinda running an old eight- or nine-speed group by the look of it. The bike he's most often seen out on in Sydney is a carbon fibre Trek.

2. He's put his front wheel in backwards. The quick release lever is on the wrong side.

3. In addition to that, his front brake quick release is open.

4. It's not as obvious from this photograph, but his saddle is a little high.

Friends don't let friends ride carbon, but would you vote for a man who likes an each way bet?

(Update. I'm reliably informed Mr Abbott's beater has an aluminium frame. Shows how much I know.)

2111km so far this year.


Ben Haslem said...

Well spotted Dave. Saddle definitely too high. Wonder how his glutes and ITBs are. Do you let your firends ride composite?

David Killick said...

It's vexed. The Bianchi has carbon forks and stays. I copped some stick for that. Thinking of going back to full steel for the main bike.

David Killick said...

I have a mate - I'll call him "Steve" - who has a carbon fibre bike. So I guess I don't discriminate.

cfsmtb said...

Check your email.

Anonymous said...

I've seen you checking out my bike, when you think i'm not looking, and please stop doing what you do to my saddle.
Graet 400 with the Lairs yesterday, but felt we were down a man.
Handlebar bags, I'm a convert...Even on a carbon bike.

David Killick said...

Mate, would have loved to have done a 400 yesterday - but I was up in Sydney last weekend and felt like I needed to spend some time at home. Who rode? How long did it take you to get around? When's the blog post?

Reckon I'll be keen for some longer stuff when I get the new bike in a month or so. The Velo Orange is going to be smoooth.

Hamish said...

Doesn't he usually ride a Hillbrick? Australian made I believe.

David Killick said...

I have a memory of that too - it's what I thought this bike might have been from the colour scheme at first glance. I did a quick check of the online forums before I put finger to keyboard for this blog piece and the consensus was otherwise. He's a pretty chronic bike borrower I believe, so maybe he's returned the Hillbrick. Nice bikes though. They can lend me one anytime.