Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rex the Runt

Self proclaimed "weak hypocritical sleaze" and lightweight Melbourne radio commentator Rex Hunt has been found guilty of reckelessly causing injury to a cyclist in a road rage attack. Good.

The former policeman was so enraged by a confrontation with a cyclist he emerged from the comfort and safety of his four-wheel-drive cage and broke the man's finger. Now he was to perform 100 hours of community service.

Hunt has a history of bizzare behaviour. Who can forget when the former policeman was sprung paying for women to help him live out his sad sexual fetishes in public?

2,331km so far this year.


Parz said...

Saw it a couple of days ago and then wondered what we reckon he should have to do for his community service.

I saw something recently were Cycling South were looking for volunteers for valet bike parking. That's one I'd like to see for Rex.

I'll take it to the twitterverse for some more suggestions.

ChrisS said...

Rex Rhyming Slang has certainly got form for boofhead behaviour.

For starters I'd like to see the twunt cleaning up bogan-droppings early on Sunday morning along Beach Road or Brunswick Street.