Saturday, May 10, 2008

Deadshits and cowards emboldended

Menacing, harrassing or bullying a cyclist from the safety of a car is a gutless act. And this week's road rage incident in Sydney, where a driver braked suddenly in front of a pack of 50 cyclists has brought the nutters and their kin out of the woodwork.

The deadshit of the week award goes to the driver himself, ''Huss'' - who by now might be starting to realise he's driven his shitty old Falcon into a world of pain. Good. But the cowards and bullies of the world have found a new king. All hail King Huss of Campbelltown. My tip would be he wasn't rushing because he was due in the operating room to perform life-saving open-heart surgery on a seriously ill orphan. He was just driving that way.

Deadshit of the month goes to Elisa Brown of Helsinki, who for some unknown reason wrote to the Sydney Morning Herald letters page.

''The question that occurred to me was why such an enormous group of cyclists had chosen to congregate on a busy road. ''

One wonders why such large packs of cars congregate on busy roads too, Elisa, you ignorant git. Could they be law-abiding taxpayers, going about their legitimate business, breathing the free and righteous air of a democracy?

And deadshit of the year goes to that dim-bulb NSW roads minister Eric Roozendal,
who cleverly points out that because one underhung Neanderthal has a temper problem, we'd better all stay indoors, because like other victims, cyclists who get hit by motorists in peak hour were clearly gagging for it.

"I would have thought it was probably better if they weren't interrupting peak-hour traffic.''

Road ragers? Big trucks? Cars? No, you guessed it. Fuck you Eric.

2,144km so far this year.


Anonymous said...

Mate, I was with you all the way until you questioned Elisa's moral proclivities.

She's probably a Very Nice Lady. A bit confused & naive, but likely to be a reasonable human being who unfortunately doesn't know jackshit about bunch etiquette.

On the other hand, spectators like Eric Roozendaal and Alan Evans all deserve a hearty round of GFC-themed heckling.

David Killick said...

Fair point, I was playing off the old Saturday Night Live 'Jane, you ignorant slut' riff. Duly noted and amended to as to offend without offending gratuitously.

Alan Evans was in the draft, but I cut him out. To big a rant.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Alan's a fat front-bottom, he must certainly be the largest public figure in Australia today. Amazing how any pics of him are exceedingly small or head shots.

Luckily we've now got one Alan Odds on the case.

NancyBoy said...

Nah Dave,

don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel. I'm appalled and unsurprised by all of this. The kinds of stuff I heard on Melbourne talkback last Thursday and Friday and have seen reported from Sydney just confirm that we are seen as the enemy by many, many motorists. How they maintain this viewpoint while aiming two tonne missiles at our lycra clad vulnerability is beyond me. Sometimes I think it's just ignorance and we're holding up their busy lives for a couple of seconds. Other times I think we're somehow challenging them on some much more fundamental psychological level purely by being so vulnerable. Maybe we're just the only ones they can find on whom they feel able to vent their rage about their own ugly, impotent existence?