Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A whole lot of numbers.

I'm happy with 2007. I rode 6,002km in 128 rides over 287 hours - which is just shy of 12 days in the saddle. My average ride was 46km and my average speed was 21.62km/h. My last flat tyre was on January 17. It was a bit down on 2006 which saw 6,441km in 136 rides over 300 hours in the saddle with an average of 22.14km/h.

It's a quiet day at work so I'm making some plans. This years goals are less ambitious than last year's. They're all within reach:
  1. At least 7,200km on the bike. A 20% rise.
  2. Finish the year in the top 1,000 riders on bikejournal.com
  3. At least 366 hours in the saddle - one hour a day for the leap year. A 27% rise.
  4. At least 183 rides - on the bike every second day. A 42% increase.
  5. Lifting my average speed to at least 22.5km/h. A 4% increase!
  6. Seeing how many days in a row I can ride at least 10km, starting on January 1.
  7. Riding at least 400km in the Oppy (360km last year) and completing the 200km Alpine Classic within the time limit (130km last year).
  8. Blog more!

I enjoy cycling and I enjoy setting challenges for myself, I wonder how many of these - if any I can knock off.

0km so far this year.


Chris L said...

Good luck with your goals next year. I haven't got around to setting mine yet.

I might see you at the alpine classic.

Mike Dayton said...

An impressive list of goals. Here's to zero flats in '08!


David Killick said...

Hey, thanks to both of you. So far so good but we all know how it goes with resolutions.

Treadly and Me said...

Good luck with all of that. At first it sounds like 1-7 are incompatible with 8. But on second thoughts I've always found that the more I ride, the more there is to blog about...