Monday, March 05, 2007

They should put warning labels on them

Apparently cycling is the new golf. There seems to be a recent plague of garishly dressed wankers abusing grossly overpriced equipment, so it might just be true.

I'm generally loathe to make light of the misfortune of others, but check this bloke out. Racing on a busy public road, he went straight up the back of a parked car. Well, they can be hard to spot. And check out the damage to the bike: those pretty carbon forks just snapped like twigs.

Specialized S-Works plastic wonder bike: $8,000.
Latest ultra-lightweight helmet: $350.
Lycra boy racer outfit: $400.

Riding into a parked car because you're not looking where you're going: Priceless.

Random pic of heavy steel bike from last year's Mallee Routes 200km.


Tim said...

Come on now be FAIR! If you'd run into the back of parked car at the speed he would have been going you would have written off a steel or alumunium frame

David Killick said...

No question. It's just that riding a $8,000 bike the stakes are much higher. Particularly when you don't notice large immovable objects in your path.

Tim said...

I've always said "Park your private property on your private property"