Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The wind in my hair

Arriving at the carpark I commute from this morning, I realised I'd forgotten my helmet. So I shouldn't really ride, but it's a brilliant day and my ride's mostly on cycle paths and I just really, really wanted to. So I took the chance and rode in anyway, the way we did in the old days before there were helmet laws, with the wind in my hair and I survived ok.

Lovely ride on the weekend: the Green and Gold 50km Audax from Kyneton. Normally 50km would be considered a trifling distance, but this one was hilly and very windy to boot. After one circuit, there weren't many takers for a second. My excuse? I needed a 50km to make up the miles for my Nouveau Randonneur award, which requires a 50km, a 100km, a 150km and a 200km ride in the same season. My first audax award is now in the bag!

Wrestling with the desire to buy a rode bike. Have narrowed it down to two main contenders: the Giant OCR1 and the Trek 1400.

4,391km so far this year.


Anonymous said...

I wouldnt go the giant.
Trek do a far better bike. I had a 1200 and it was a brilliant machine. Pity it died in an accident.
I just dont trust Giant as far as I can throw them.

David Killick said...

Thanks for the tip. I've had a chance to look at the Trek and the Giant in the flesh, and it's not even going to take a test ride. You're spot on about the Trek. As luck would have it, there's one on ebay in my size.