Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The great race.

The BBC's Nigel Hallows blows the lid on The Great Race:

"I cannot claim to represent those faceless and unacknowledged opponents in the Great Race. A race, yes, but an unusual one in that most cyclists are not even aware it is taking place. This is ideal, for I am absurdly but secretly competitive and have an almost pathological need to be first away at the lights.

"The small number of cyclists who are in the know duel with great nonchalance and no acknowledgement of their opponent. The trick is to cycle at maximum speed until the point of overtaking, and then sit back in the saddle as you pass, looking straight ahead as if the mere breeze is carrying you forward.

"I even have a scoring system which gives double marks for passing anyone wearing Lycra. Overtaking a bike courier would theoretically score five, but I have never done it."

In the comments 'Simon' notes: "The first rule of The Great Race is that you never mention The Great Race".

Nigel will have to be hunted down - and overtaken with great nonchalance.

3,050km so far this year.

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